Maximize Profit Performance Through Operational Excellence

Purchase subscription for the one-time annual payment price of $3,306 - 5% off the monthly list price of $290 per month ($3,480 per year).* Plus, get access to our exclusive OML Trait Deep Dive Webinar Series for SLIQ subscribers only.

Maximize Profit Performance Through Operational Excellence

Managed IT is hot and getting hotter. But many IT companies struggle to get Managed IT right, just as do imaging companies. SLIQ is the exclusive management tool used by the top performing imaging and IT companies to acquire and implement the proven best practices for building profitable, high quality, fast growth Managed IT, step by step with expert guidance.

  • Dashboard - Quickly see your current Operational Maturity Level (OML), specific Predominant Business Model (PBM) and unique plan of action all in one place.

  • PBM Calculator - Quickly determine your specific PBM to pinpoint the precise drivers you need for your efficiency, quality, and profitability.

  • OML Assessment - Evaluate your organization’s current OML across all the functional Traits specific to your PBM.

  • Action Plan - Take action fast with specific Trait progression recommendations, content, and assets to gain the most impact with the least time and risk.

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"For copier dealers who want to do IT and want to get to Best-in-Class, SLIQ not only has best practices we could not find elsewhere, but the tool is easy to use and understand."

Peter Kujawa, J.D. | Locknet Managed IT Division President
EO Johnson
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