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Peer Group Operators:

Service Leadership Certification Programs

Help your clients and members improve their own businesses even more quickly and effectively by becoming a Certified Service Leadership Coach, Consultant or Peer Group Operator. Through these certification programs, you will be able to provide a greater depth, richness and effectiveness of the advice and guidance you give, as you will have better insight into their performance and management methods. This allows you to focus on what really matters rather than on building and maintaining tools.

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Speaking Engagements

Most Solution Provider executives have experienced the challenge of bringing new learning into the organization. The executive attends an industry event and comes back with key concepts to convey to the management team for them to evolve, assimilate and put into practice. Despite their best intentions, however, the managers who stayed home fail to catch the excitement and the concepts don’t spark fire. The phrase, "I guess you had to be there" comes to mind.

A customized Service Leadership education session at your site is often more affordable on a per seat basis than sending your team out to an industry event. Our objective is to generate the "ah-ha" factor among the management team and then show the team the path to Best-in-Class execution in their specific environment.

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Peer Groups

Service Leadership Index® OML Progression Peer Groups are powerful, advanced small groups designed to drive operational maturity through expert facilitation, accountability and best practices in a confidential community of non-competing Solution Provider firms. Peer Group membership includes quarterly individual benchmarking with insightful analysis on your results, quarterly group meetings facilitated by Service Leadership, SLIQ and the exclusive Service Leadership Index Annual Solution Provider Industry Profitability Report. (No vendor funding or participation accepted.)

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Foundational best practices information for Solution Provider owners, executives and channel management executives to better understand what makes Top performing Solution Providers tick and how to understand, predict and improve Solution Provider performance.

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