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Service Leadership Index® 2024 Annual IT Solution Provider Industry Profitability Report

See how your peers are growing, changing and profiting.

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Insight Into Optimizing Financial Performance and Stock Value

Recognized worldwide as the "solution provider industry's encyclopedia of performance," this report provides a wealth of information about the health and viability of solution providers within each specific Predominant Business Model (PBM) in the industry.

The report includes 80+ metrics including objective measure of financial performance and of Operational Maturity Level.

  • Current valuations for median and top performers by PBM such as MSP and VAR
  • Budget attainment in 2023 and 2024 budget
  • Gross margins by line of business, sales, marketing, general and administrative costs in top, median and bottom quartile profitability firms by PBM

New in the report: Impact of hyperautomation on the TSP industry and correlation between customer satisfaction and profitability.

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Sample Charts

Top, Median Profit % for SP/MSP

Operational Maturity Level Trends

Self-Diagnostics Chart

How Operational Maturity Level Drives Profitability

Current Valuation Ranges

Includes Other Predominant Business Models Such as Product-Centric

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