Service Leadership Profitability Bundle

Getting to the next level in profitability is not always easy, but it can be done in a way that is structured, scalable, and sustainable.

The Service Leadership (S-L) Profitability Bundle provides a systematic approach to put you on the path to driving greater revenue, reducing costs and incurring less risk.

Two Questions That Can Transform Your Business

The S-L Profitability Bundle provides the tools to help you answer two very important questions. While these questions are simplistic in nature, the answers can be the catalyst to transforming your business.

  1. How am I doing?

    You can't get to where you want to go until you understand where you've been. That's because your trajectory to date provides a basis to understand what's needed for your future course and speed. Periodic benchmarking gives you insight into how you are really doing by comparing financial and operational performance to date, to the top performers in your specific business model.

    Tool: Service Leadership Index® Quarterly Benchmarking - compare your company's performance to the top performers in your business model across 80+ metrics. See exactly how you stack up in-depth, financially and operationally to the Best-in-Class.

  2. How can I do better?

    “Do better” can mean different things for different IT solution provider (TSP) owners. It could mean, I want to make more money, create more value so I can sell in X number of years, change my business model from Product-Centric to Services-Centric, or support more employees and therefore more families.

    Whatever your mission, your management team needs the appropriate methods and processes in place to get you to the next level. You need a way to tap into how the management teams of the top performers in your business model are doing things more effectively.

    Tool: SLIQ - an online Operational Maturity Level progression tool for management teams that analyzes your current operating methods to determine areas of strength and weakness. SLIQ then creates a customized, detailed Action Plan that walks you through implementing the best practice processes that are in place within the highest performing TSPs. Now you have an objective way to evaluate your company’s management methods compared to the Best-in-Class in your business model.

See How the TSP Industry Is Doing in Your Business Model

Two reports included in the S-L Profitability Bundle provide you with a wealth of information about top performance in the TSP industry.

  • Service Leadership Index® Annual IT Solution Provider Industry Profitability Report - recognized worldwide as the “TSP industry's encyclopedia of performance.” This report provides unequaled insights and analysis into how the top-performing TSPs in your business model are growing, changing and profiting.
  • Service Leadership Index® Annual IT Solution Provider Industry Compensation Report - provides specific compensation data, as well as compensation strategies of top-performing TSPs. See what your peers are paying across 50+ common TSP positions, and how they are compensating and incentivizing their employees.

Nowhere else in the TSP industry will you find the data and analysis found in these reports.

How is the IT solution provider industry doing? How is the IT solution provider industry paying employees? How can I do better? SLIQ™

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